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"We are a collective of designers, architects and fabricators with a love of design and a passion for traditional sign making techniques".

Good design is key to everything Goodwin & Goodwin stands for. Based out of their 10,000 sq ft. workshop in North London, Goodwin & Goodwin has fast made a name for themselves in the world of Signage & Typography. They’ve been featured in countless design magazines and sites, on advertising agency walls, and their art graces the interiors of the hottest and hippest hotels and restaurants, private clients include pop stars and A-list celebrities all over the world.

Sharing a love of all vintage signs, especially those that light up, Goodwin & Goodwin are also self admitted “&” (Ampersand) addicts (acceptance is the first step to recovery), which you’ll find dotted around their home, casually hung in their studio and now available as part of their product range for you to indulge your own ampersand fetish.

Goodwin & Goodwin support local people, most of their 23 staff live locally and they help manufacture the majority of all their products and signs within their North London workshop. This enables them to keep a close eye on quality and ensures they consistently deliver you the high standard of products they're renowned for.

Goodwin & Goodwin have won numerous awards including the 'Craftsman' award and 'Architectural Sign of the Year' as well as receiving Highly Commended for 'Leisure Sign of the Year' at the British Sign Awards.

Paul, one half of Goodwin & Goodwin, is making good use of his passion for typography and his award winning career as Creative Director at one of London’s top design agencies - to produce an ever growing range of covetable signs. Viviane is the other half of Goodwin & Goodwin runs the operations, and she hung up her global-roaming HR heels to focus on the quickly increasing demand for their signage.

Sign Makers North London

Portrait photography by Alistair Veryard

The Goodwin & Goodwin Charter

Our Mission: To be the Best Sign Company on the Planet





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