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A Guide to Signage on London's Regent Street

All the buildings in Regent Street are in the freehold ownership of the Crown Estate. In general terms, any proposals for shopfronts, advertisements, etc. need to be submitted to Westminster City Council for planning permission, listed building and advertisement consent and to the Crown Estate for their approval.

Regent Street Fascia Signs

Where a sign denoting the name of the occupier is installed, the lettering must be either:

a. Made of individual fret-cut, non-illuminated bronze letters affixed to the stone frieze above the shopfront glazing or,

b. Made of individual fret-cut, non-illuminated letters affixed to a transom fascia at mezzanine level, where appropriate.

In both of these alternatives, there must be a margin of at least 1/8 of the depth of the frieze of the fascia both above and below the letters. The letters should be in classical or other appropriate style.

If you need help with a fascia sign on Regent Street please get in touch sales@goodwinandgoodwin.com or call 02088290599.

Signs Within a Shop Window

Signs may be positioned inside the shopfront glazing if set back at least 1.00m behind the glass. Only in this position will illuminated signs or trade logos be permitted. Illuminated signs must be of a fixed and constant light and not of a light source which moves or flashes.


If you need help with a sign on Regent Street please get in touch sales@goodwinandgoodwin.com or call 02088290599.

Projecting Signs on Regent Street

Projecting hanging signs will be permitted within the following guidelines:
a. The support framework and any light source to be used will only be that of the patent design approved for the Street. The sign hung from this framework is to be hand-painted or screen-printed, to a size not exceeding (900mm x 600mm). Signs are permitted in relief providing the depth of the relief is not more than 100mm.
b. Only one projecting hanging sign on each stone pilaster will be permitted.
c. The sign must be positioned centrally on the pilaster at a minimum height of 2.6m from the pavement to the underside, and must respect the architectural features of the building.
d. Good examples of traditional hanging signs should be retained where possible.
e. Fixed internally illuminated box signs will not be permitted.


If you need help with a projecting sign on Regent Street please get in touch sales@goodwinandgoodwin.com or call 02088290599.

Canopies on Regent Street

Fixed structural canopies are discouraged but proposals will be considered on their merits in the case of large shops which have a pavement frontage of three or more bays. A fixed canopy may be permitted only over the principal entrance to such shops, provided that the entrance is so placed in relation to the shop frontage as to form a central, or otherwise reasonably balanced, architectural feature. Fixed canopies must be at least 1 metre setback from the pavement edge, with a 2.6 metres clearance between the underside and the pavement. The canopy is to be of good quality, durable materials and so designed as to be in keeping with the shopfronts and to enhance the architecture of the building.


If you need help with a canopy on Regent Street please get in touch sales@goodwinandgoodwin.com or call 02088290599.
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