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LED Neon Signs / Faux Neon Signs UK – Goodwin & Goodwin™ - London Sign Makers
LED Letters
Neon LED signs also called faux neon in a choice of colours. Ultra Bright.
Fast turnaround times.
  Can be installed anywhere - low voltage and safe to touch - great for public areas or in the home, and no risk of glass breakages.
We can exactly match fonts unlike real neon glass, so great for brands.
Internal or External. Easy Installation.
Animations, DMX controlled, Flashing, Multi-Coloured, RGB.
Prices start from £700 for a complete sign. All made in our London workshop!
Call us on 0208 829 0599 or email to discuss your LED Neon Sign project.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is LED neon cheaper than real neon?

No, it actually costs slightly more as there more work involved, however running costs are cheaper.

Are LED neon signs prone to breakages?

No, as our LED neon signs are not made from glass they are much stronger than traditional neon signs.

Can I use LED neon signs in children’s bedrooms?

Our LED neon signs are only 12V so run at a much safer voltage than traditional neon, however like all connections to mains or plug sockets these are 230V.

Do LED neon signs need a clear Perspex box?

No, as our LED neon signs are not made from glass they are not prone to breakages like traditional neon signs.

What is the life span of a LED Neon Sign?

It really depends on the usage, however all our signs come with a 1 year warranty. Normally if there is a problem its usually the transformer that fails, however these are replaceable items and we can supply replacements if necessary if outside of the warranty period.

Can you use LED Neon Signs outdoor?

Yes, we can produce waterproof versions for outdoors use.

Can you use any font or design to create an LED Neon Sign?

Yes, however some fonts and designs work better that others like script and sans-serif fonts. We are more than happy to advise and assist with your ideas.

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Clients include:
Coca-Cola, Ted Baker, MTV, H&M, GAP, Nike, BBC, UGGs, GQ, Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels, Channel 4, Harris + Hoole, Zizzi, Channel 5, QVC, AOL, Hackett, Spotify, House of Fraser, Not on the High Street, Brewdog, 02 Empire, Fortnum & Mason, ITV, Lloyds Bank, Picture House Cinemas, Sol, Linkedin.

Made in our London workshop. We work with creatives studios, architects, interior designers, hotels, bars/restaurants, film/movies, prop hire, shop displays, weddings, rock festivals and cinemas plus many more.

To discuss a project please call 0208 829 0599 or email:

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