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Best Projecting Signs Reviewed.

A Buyers guide to the best projecting signs, swing signs, lightbox signs and blade signs for shops, pubs, bars, cafés & restaurants and everyone else on the High Street.

Whether you call them projecting signs, swing signs, lightbox signs or blade signs they are all double sided signs that sit at 90 degrees from a building and as projecting signs sit at right angles to a building they make your signage visible to customers approaching from either side.

We have designed a range of projecting signs for all types of budgets. For more projecting signs and light box signs please visit our other online shop The Goods London

We have listed our favourite and best selling projecting signs here...

1. The Frameless Light Box Sign

Frameless lightbox sign This is probably the most simplest looking light box you can buy. Its simply the best looking light box and great for cool modern coffee shops, cafés and retailers. Buy the frameless light box sign >

2. The Tube Light Box Sign

Tube light lightbox sign This unique sign is made from fluorescent or LED tube lights and has clear acylic so that the tube lights are completely visible. Made to order >

3. The Minimalist Light Box Sign

Minimalist light box sign Simple clean design, such a modern design. Great for clean, crisp brands. Made to order >

4. Minimalist Metal Blade Sign

Swinging A frame sign This minimalist double sign blade sign features a metal box section outer frame so its really tough, this sign is available in black and white. Buy the metal blade sign >

5. The Circular Light Box Sign

Swinging A frame sign This round light box is pure minimalist design. No visible fixings and super clear illumination. Buy the circular light box sign >

6. The Cube Light Box Sign

Cube lightbox sign This...Our Best Seller! Buy the Cube light box sign >

7. Metal Circle Light Box Sign

Metal circle lightbox sign If your logo or branding works best in a circle than this circular light box is for you. All metal outer casing. Another clean simple design.  Buy the metal circle light box sign >

8. The Metal Light Box Sign

Best Selling Projecting Sign!

Metal lightbox sign Our Best Seller! This is your classic light box sign, made from metal and can be powder coated almost any colour. Buy the metal light box sign >

9. The Framed Light Box Sign

Framed lightbox sign This is a unique design features an outer frame. Made to order >

10. The Blade Sign

Best Value Projecting Sign!

Blade sign It doesn't get much simpler that this projecting blade sign, due to its simple design its one of our most affordable projecting signs. This blade can be powder coated almost any colour.  Buy the blade sign >

11. The Hanging Swing Sign

hanging swing sign This hanging sign is designed to swing in the wind. Its all made from metal so is veru durable. Its also a very simple and classic design.  Buy the hanging swing sign >

What are blade signs?

Blade signs are simple doubled sided signs that right angles to a building. Usually made of metal.

How big can a projecting sign be?

According to government guidelines Class 4(B) permits internally or ‘halo’ illuminated advertisements on other business premises if they relate wholly to the business or name or qualifications of the person carrying on the business or the goods sold or services provided a projecting sign must not exceed 0.75 of a square metre in area and not project more than 1 metre from the wall. If in doubt always check with local authority.

What are projecting signs?

A projecting sign sits at right angles to a building they make your sign visible to customers approaching from either side of the sign.

How much do projecting signs cost?

A basic blade sign starts at £120 + VAT, while larger illuminated light box signs can cost between £300-£600 + VAT.

What are the advantages of projecting signs cost?

As projecting signs are double sided they can be viewed

For more examples of projecting signs please visit our projecting sign gallery >>




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