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Helvetica House Numbers (Factory Seconds)

£24.95 £12.00

Helvetica House Numbers (Factory Seconds)

£24.95 £12.00

These factory seconds may contain either: small scratches, laser burr or other minor defects.

Our professional house numbers are precision cut from solid brushed stainless steel, based on the popular Helvetica font used by Architects and Design Professionals. These numbers can be used internally/externally on wood, brick or masonry. Stand-out fixings provide a gap between the number and the wall to give a shadow effect and to hide the fixings. 

*As featured in Grand Designs Magazine

Each kit includes:

  • Stand-out fixings (Gives a 10mm gap between the numbers and the wall),
  • 2x Screws and 2x Rawl plugs,
  • Clear Illustrated Instructions
  • Drilling template

Numbers 0-9

Designed by us & Made in England.

Material: Brushed Stainless Steel.
Height: 18cm Width: 12cm

Standard Stainless Steel: Requires maintenance - must be regularly sprayed with a light coating of 'WD40' or similar applied with a cloth to avoid rust and corrosion. 

Metal Helvetica House Numbers

House Numbers Fixings

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